This is why we love Ketones!


Jesse L.

On July 4th 2017 I was out camping with my family at Big Lake, Arizona. Around 2am I woke up to severe anxiety and was struggling to breathe, deciding very quickly to get to the hospital. A few hours later a doctor came in to tell me I had just had a heart attack. At 39 years old, I felt like I was in great shape. I go to the gym often, hike, do Spartan races, ect. I had no idea how out of shape internally I was. 

On August 1st I was introduced to Prüvit products and began drinking a packet a day. I quickly started noticing I was sleeping better, followed up by the desire to eat better, and finally my overall health began to change. 

When I returned to my heart doctor September 28th I was 60 lbs lighter. My blood pressure was normal, cholesterol normal, overall health in check!!

I promote Prüvit products because I can honestly say it gave me the edge I needed to save my own life.

Jackie L.

I started taking pruvit drinks for the weight loss! I put on 30 pounds with pregnancies and it was not coming off! After seeing phenomenal results from family and friends using the drink I gave it a try. I was able to drop my 30 pounds in less than 2 months and have gradually drop another 10 to reach my ideal weight. I continue to drink ketones daily to maintain weight, but also to have the energy and mental clarity to keep up with my 3 kids, 2 businesses, and very active lifestyle.

After becoming a promoter I quickly learned that this drinks works miracles, and not just in weight loss. Parents emotional over the difference in their child’s behaviors, especially those with autism and ADD. People with PTSD that now sleep through the night and have energy in the day. Skin problems resolved, hormonal issues balanced, the list is endless. I’m a avid believer in the miracle of ketones and would encourage everyone to use them! 

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